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The story started in 2009, when our founder, Ali Saad, finished his undergraduate studies in the arts and education of the English language. He mastered the translation courses at the college. After one year of teaching in the college, Ali Saad decided to devote his life to the translation profession. Ali Saad was born and bred in the Arab world from Kuwait to Egypt. He excelled at studying and working in legal translation. But Ali Saad’s great passion was medical and pharmaceutical translation. His childhood dream to be a pharmacist drove him to be specialized in life science translation.

Ali Saad’s burning ambition, the poor condition of the translation industry in the Arab world, and the common misunderstanding of the human translation profession drove him to establish a unique Arabic Translation Services boutique that provides a level of quality even some large companies cannot match.

In 2017, his dream came true, and the Ali Saad Agency for Translation Services was legally registered. Ali Saad’s ambition did not stop there. He sought to make a difference in the area of Arabic translation. To prove the quality of our services, it was not enough to be certified by a domestic professional translation association; we became ISO 17100-certified in 2017.

Over the years, our translation business has grown every day. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and management systems to facilitate the translation process and assure quality. We closely monitor the insights of the translation and localization industry to meet our clients’ demanding needs.

Our Mission.

Ali Saad Agency helps non-Arabic businesses to increase their ROI in the Arabic markets, especially MENA, through customized Arabic translation and localization services.

Our Vision.

To be a good model of Arabic Translation Services Providers, a game-changer in the Arab world’s translation industry.

Our Values.

Ali Saad’s team abided by the values the founder Ali Saad has held throughout his life.

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Customer first

We love our customers. They are our priority.

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Translation is in our DNA.

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Positive perfectionism

We do not accept less than 100% quality. We do not tolerate 0.000001% mistakes.

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We believe in faithful translation. We are loyal to our professional ethics, human resources, and clients.

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