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Arabic Translation Services Certification.

Ali Saad Arabic Translation Services is certified by reputable domestic and international certification bodies. We are accredited by the Egyptian Translators and Linguists Association (ETLA) under No. 16-17. Our founder Ali Saad is an accredited Arabic<>English translator by the Arab Professional Translators Society (APTS) under No. 30801. Ali Saad Agency for Translation Services has been ISO 17100-2015 certified since 2017, under No. EG131121TRN.

How do our clients benefit from these certificates?

Stricter requirements drive better services and aim to ensure that the customer gets more than they pay for.

When you choose certified Arabic translation services for your business, you ensure that such translation services provider:

  • Follows the professional codes of the translation and localization industry, which the certification bodies put.
  • Is internationally recognized. For instance, ISO 17100:2015 is an international standard, and an association like APTS is a member of the international federation of translators.
  • Uses professional human resources, including linguists and project managers, and up-to-date technical resources, including the CAT tools and translation management systems.
  • Applies at least the four-eye principle when processing your documents, as the second-eye bilingual revision by a different linguist is mandatory according to the ISO 17100 standard.
  • Is familiar with the regulations of critical domains like medical and pharmaceutical documents.
  • Keeps your confidentiality and privacy as per the ISO 17100 standard.

  • Focuses on your feedback because the ISO 17100 standard tackles this point as a core phase of translation quality management.

All these above ensure that the clients receive the best quality worth every cent they pay.

An ISO 17100 certificate issued to Ali Saad Agency for Translation Services